Scratch My Itchy Back

iOS & Android



Scratch My Itchy Back is a hyper casual mobile game that simulate the sensation of scratching people's backs in a gamified way.

Player gets prompted to follow directions from voice prompt and find the itchy 'spot', once they do, they scratch as hard as they can to accumulate points and continue to the next level.

Download the game here:


I had the inspiration from the game while scratching my friend's back, then I quickly prototyped the game, and launched it in a few months.

The process:

  • Prototype game mechanics in Unity

  • Find a bunch of friends to take their back pictures

  • Record the satisfying voices of these friends saying 'left, right, down, up, ohh yes that's the spot'

  • Give artistic twists to the friends' backs so they look like multiple people

  • Find background images online such as: the Whitehouse, International Space Station, on a pizza, so player unlocks locations as they progress.

  • Find images of scratching tools such as dish sponge, cactus, wooden hand, etc, also for player to unlock

  • Find sound samples of scratching, chafing, brushing, mostly record them myself.

  • Have a lot of fun while doing all of these ^_^


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