Opposites is a click-based puzzle game designed for the mobile platform.


Player goes through different puzzles that are inspired from the quotes of Tao Te Ching

Level 1: Player would drag to piece together abstract imageries to form a white cat, click and crack open a black cube to form a black cat.

'There is no shadow without the light, there is no shape without the empty space around it.'

Level 2: Player would click on the screen to drop coins to a bowl, eventually the bowl overfills; click on the screen to activate rain that gives life to a flower, eventually flower dies out of over watering; click on the screen to call birds to a branch, eventually branch falls when too many birds stay on it.

'The path to overfulfillment leads to emptiness.'

Level 3: Player would click the screen continuously to go through a series of animations of a round boiling flask, entering it would reveal a little bean that grows a flower, and from within the flower a bird flies out. Camera would follow the bird to fly to a piece of desert, crashes and dies.

'Dust to dust, we shall return.'

Full Gameplay

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