Agartha is a global map of Solarpunk communities at the intersection of art, technology and ecology. The mission for Agartha is to curate and document the global social movement for Solarpunk Protopian communities — sustainable, cooperative and vibrant.


I co-founded Agartha at Mars College 2022, initially as a research project to discover intentional coliving spaces, such as urban coliving, artist communes and eco villages.

The ethos of Agartha can be found at this Purple Paper. Read about founding story in our first blog post HERE!

Now, Agartha is an online community of people interested in joining the off-grid solarpunk movement, we have a global map of communities, a blog, a Discord, and a meme wall. We have built many beautiful relationships with communities and individuals working in the regenerative Solarpunk landscape, and aim to continue grow our content, communities and directories, to help assist the solarpunk movement.

Web Design

To create compelling narratives of the Solarpunk movement, I want to incorporate symmetries, mandalas and neo-techno minimal UI style into the Agartha branding design.

About Page Design
Additional Graphic Designs

Game Design

One iteration for Agartha is to build a Solarpunk village prototype game. The preview video of this article shows the conceptual gameplay of the Agartha Village game.

Shoutout to ForefrontDAO for hosting an artist residency that enabled me to make this conceptual prototype.

Some other concept arts and graphs:

Game Play

Next Steps

I'll continue to add listings and updates to this project, alongside with studying more Solarpunk communities, connecting with more solarpunk-aligned enthusiasts, and publishing related content on the blog.

Thank you for viewing!

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